New Ways to Think About Branded Podcasts


We’re tossing out the rules when it comes to branded content. Just be creative, smart and unique. Sounds easy, right?

Ultimately, branded podcasts can be ABOUT the brand. And that’s true for all brands including those identified as “cult brands” such as  Trader Joe’s, AAA Motor Club, and Jack Daniels. In fact, many brands would reach a bigger audience by focusing on content about their own brands. Here’s how CEO Dave Beasing explained it in a recent video blog:


Of course, many of our clients’ podcasts will continue to be less about the brand itself and more about other related subjects of interest to their customers. We were proud to work with iHeart’s Ruby Studios to produce Season 2 of Chasing Sleep, an award-winning podcast that delivered a huge return-on-investment for Mattress Firm. Understanding the brand’s KPIs will ultimately determine the best approach.