Industry Experts Get Real About Podcast Metrics in Las Vegas

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Setting expectations is important to any sale in any industry. For sponsors of branded podcasts, having KPIs that are achievable must be discussed early in planning. At Sound That BRANDS, we’ve even been known to turn down opportunities if KPIs aren’t well-suited to a branded podcast or aren’t measurable. At Podcast Movement Evolutions (Las Vegas, 12 Noon, Friday 3/10/23), our CEO Dave Beasing will lead a fast-paced panel discussion featuring Erin MacIndoe Sproule of Lower Street, Jeff Vidler from Signal Hill Insights, and Jonas Woost from Bumper.

Watch below for behind-the-scenes panel prep with Dave. These seasoned experts offer thoughts about a few of the likely panel topics, including:

– The importance of audience engagement and how to measure it
– Why brand recall and brand affinity are not often compatible goals
– How podcast salespeople can use KPI measurement to get renewals