What is a Branded Podcast?

A branded podcast engages an audience with a brand by telling meaningful stories. It draws the audience into an intimate relationship with the brand. It communicates the brand’s personality, its essence and its culture. Branded podcasts create loyalty by harnessing the power of what
we call, Deeper Engagement™.

Deeper Engagement™

Branded podcasts take the audience on a journey, serving information and entertainment infused with brand messaging. Deeper Engagement™ is an enhanced level of brand immersion that creates greater awareness, trust, loyalty and affinity.

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Why Branded Podcasts Matter

It’s rare for a brand to command more than 20 minutes of a consumer’s attention. Custom storytelling is one of the most effective ways to intimately connect consumers with brands. Branded content is quickly finding a place of permanency in the marketing funnel because of the power to:

Branded Podcasts We Admire

Principles of Branded Podcasts

We’re trusted by our clients to build branded podcasts that escalate awareness and growth. Our formula isn’t complicated, but it’s proven and repeatable.

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