IBS-D Decoded

Hyper-Targeted Branded Podcast: IBS-D(ecoded) from AbbVie Pharmaceuticals

Some branded podcasts are designed for very specific audiences, and this is especially true in the pharmaceutical world. Reaching Health Care Providers (HCPs) is crucial, so the content must be carefully planned to meet FDA guidelines and pass legal checks.

Producers of these podcasts need to really understand the rules and the medical conditions their products treat. This is important because the audience, being HCPs, already knows a lot about medical facts.

But HCPs are also human. They care about their patients and feel joy when a medication helps improve lives.

The "IBS-D(ecoded)" podcast from AbbVie aims to introduce HCPs to patients who might benefit from Viberzi, a prescription for IBS-D. Even more, it shares the heartfelt stories of these patients and their need for a solution to their symptoms.

"IBS-D(ecoded)" not only educates HCPs about the drug but also highlights its human impact, effectively informing and inspiring its audience by showing how the medication can change lives.