This Starbucks podcast drop is more than your average cup of joe

Starbucks podcast blog icon

Coffee and podcasts, 2 great things that go great together, right? Starbucks seems to think so, because they’re now serving us podcast clips – along with the usual seasonal drinks and tasty treats – in the mobile app. The Starbucks Daily brings users brilliant podcast moments to uplift consumer minds even more than caffeinated drinks. These originate as podcast mixtapes from Hark. It’s a true surprise and delight for all Starbucks mobile app users, and we’re loving it for a variety of reasons:

1.) Enhanced Customer Experience: By featuring a curated podcast clip, Starbucks can provide an additional form of entertainment and engagement for its customers. It adds value to the overall Starbucks experience, making it much more than just a quick coffee stop for some.

2.) Extended Brand Reach: Podcasts attract a wide range of listeners. Starbucks is tapping into this growing market and reaching a larger audience that extends beyond their physical locations.

3.) Diversification of Content: Offering a daily podcast clip caters to various interests and preferences of their vast customer base, as podcasts cover a wide range of topics. No playing favorites here.

4.) Cross-Promotion Opportunities: If Starbucks collaborates with popular podcasts or features content from well-known hosts, it can leverage their existing audience base for cross-promotion.

5.) Stay Competitive and Innovative: Companies need to continually innovate and differentiate themselves to remain relevant. By integrating a daily podcast clip, Starbucks demonstrates a commitment to never “be basic” by adopting emerging trends, positioning them as a forward-thinking brand.

6.) Increased App and Website Engagement: Providing fresh, regularly updated content like podcast clips encourages users to visit the Starbucks app or website more frequently.

7.) Advertising and Monetization Potential: By featuring ads relevant to their target audience, Starbucks can create a win-win situation where advertisers reach a valuable demographic, and Starbucks benefits from monetization.

It’s important to note that the success of this initiative depends on the execution, content selection, and the ability to align with the interests of the Starbucks audience. Nonetheless, integrating a daily podcast clip can be a smart move for the brand, offering extra value to their community while enhancing the overall consumer experience.