Podcast Guests Are Keepin’ It Real

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If I were to set up a camera, tripod, and lights right now and point them at you, would you feel comfortable? Or maybe a bit self-conscious? What if I then asked you personal questions about your medical history?

In the new podcast series IBS-D(ecoded), real patients talk to real doctors about their symptoms and treatment history. By making those conversations available to other physicians, AbbVie Pharmaceuticals is educating them in a meaningful way that’s far more interesting than a dry lecture about IBS-D.

AbbVie Director of G.I. Marketing Brian Smith spoke with us recently about why he chose a branded podcast as a way to educate physicians about IBS-D and the medication Viberzi. Capturing authentic conversations between patients and doctors was the goal.

The patient interviews helped to humanize the medical information being discussed, as patients provided first-hand accounts of their experiences. One reason they were comfortable talking openly about the toll that a chronic condition has taken on their lives was that they were being recorded on microphones only, not cameras, in their own homes. Although high-quality mic kits and a professional online recording studio were used, the experience of being a podcast guest felt – to them – like just another Zoom meeting.

Podcasts are highly targetable, accessible by busy physicians when they’re on the go and the cost? It’s a lot less than shooting and editing video, assuming you could get patients to be so candid on camera. It’s even less than the average pharmaceutical rep’s monthly expense account.