Measuring the Impact of Your Branded Podcast

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Branded podcasts have been credited with growing awareness, creating positive brand associations and generating leads. Best of all, branded podcasts can help build relationships with customers and create a more personal connection.  Before starting any new endeavor for your business, including a podcast, it’s critical to establish how you’ll define success and those KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) must be measurable. 

Jeff Vidler, President of Signal Hill Insights, has studied the performance of branded podcasts and the profound impact they have on listeners’ perceptions of the brands. 

“Brand lift studies are a useful way to measure the impact of a branded podcast with questions about brand recall, favorability, and perceptions in order to get a comprehensive understanding.”

Sound That BRANDS CEO Dave Beasing recently spoke with Jeff about the benchmarks for brand lift, the thresholds of measurement at which a brand can know that their podcast was highly successful – or at least performed above average.  For the first time, Jeff and his team have compiled these averages on several measures of brand lift.  


When measuring effectiveness Vidler says that awareness and recall rank high among the most popular KPIs. Vidler also reports that branded podcasts have the ability to create a “halo effect” enhancing brand favorability, and are typically more successful than 30 or: 60-second ads in moving the needle on brand perceptions like trustworthiness and innovation.


The areas of measurement where Signal Hill sees the most movement include brand awareness, brand positivity, and brand recall. 

About Jeff Vidler: Jeff Vidler is the CEO of Signal Hill Insights, a research company that specializes in branded podcasts. He has worked with brands like Ford, Google, American Express, and Schwab to create and measure the impact of their branded podcasts.