Every step in our S.O.U.N.D. Process™ is important.  Click on each to learn more.

Storyfinder Matrix™

The S in S.O.U.N.D. is for Storyfinder Matrix®.  By first establishing baseline measurements of your brand, we know the type of Story that has the greatest potential for Brand Uplift™.


Original Content

There’s no story like yours, so your Sound That BRANDS® podcast should be unique, fit your brand and get attention. Sameness won’t.

For some, Sound That BRANDS’ Brandlets® is the most effective solution, shorter originals that attach to existing popular content.


Unified Expectations

It’s said that marketers waste half their budget; they just don’t know which half! We believe in setting BIG goals. Then we’re transparent about our progress.   If the strategy requires adjustment, all stakeholders will be aware and pro-active.


Network Consumers

Creating great content and making it easy to share ensures that people will.  We’ll advise or supervise a plan to deliver more content to more customers more often.



How many? Who?  When?  Where?  What’s their reaction?  What actions are they taking?  Each data point is essential to calculating your Brand Uplift™.

Good decisions require good data, so your Sound That BRANDS® dashboard will be updated often.



Looking for a brand story that sounds good?  Using our Storyfinder Matrix®, Sound That BRANDS® will create engaging podcasts that inform and entertain your target audience and that generate results from that engagement.

At Sound That BRANDS®, we employ Deep Engagement™, a strategic outcome of creating with you the right audio content for your brand.  When done well, incorporating the power and intimacy of audio, this enables a company to connect with audiences in a way they most value…authentic, memorable, relationship-building. This Deep Engagement™ carries a value beyond the usual cost-per measurements.  We propose a cost per Deep Engagement™ as a value, and we will work with you to establish a definition customized to your needs.