As anyone in LA knows, regardless of whether they’re an Emmy/SAG/Globe/Oscar voter… “FYC” stands for “For Your Consideration.” The mailers, screenings, billboards and trade ads are seemingly everywhere here, as Hollywood spends millions actively campaigning for awards.   The expense pays off if you receive a nomination. And winning?  Just ask the investors behind “Parasite” what a Best Picture Oscar has meant to them.  Now, Sound That BRANDS® is making FYC podcasts that specifically target awards voters.

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During a pandemic, it’s impossible to invite voters to customary screenings and Q&A events.  So a few innovative awards marketers have discovered the targetability of podcasts.  Without theater and meeting space rental, let alone the cost of stuffed mushrooms, podcasts also cost less.  And they’re reaching more awards voters than could crowd into a meeting.

The first prospective nominees to utilize podcasting in their campaigns will benefit from the novelty of this approach.  But we believe that “FYC Podcasts” will be around for many awards seasons to come.

Listen to National Geographic’s “Consider This” podcast.