As the reality of our “new normal” is setting in, and we see more closures and are spending most of our time at home, it’s understandable that brands and businesses are taking a careful look at how we are not only delivering our products and services but how we are communicating about them. In challenging times, communicating brand identity and values remains important, if not more so. In adapting your marketing strategy and content, you have an opportunity here: to become STORYTELLERS; providing consumers with content of value, thus increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Coronavirus provides a new challenge for brands that shines a light on the importance of relying on strategies outside of their traditional channels. While the content focus should still be to inform, educate, inspire or entertain, communicating your brand identity and values may need to come to the masses via a different vehicle. This is where a great podcast can truly shine.

The longer we are “social distancing” the more connection people will crave. A great podcast creates connection and companionship while offering credibility and authenticity. It also provides the ability to be relevant in quick time, real-time.

We know that most podcasts are consumed at home, and the number of downloads is only on the rise. Your voice, your story, and your value is waiting to be told. Connecting with the podcast consumer sets you apart and endears you now while yielding reward and return in the future as well.

Learn how Sound That BRANDS helps you tell your story, create connection and share value. I’m happy to schedule a call with you and your team to help navigate the podcast process during this changing landscape. Stay healthy friends.